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Hyrac Hackathons

Come & Join  Techies Just Like You.

The focus on the Hyrac Tech Hackathons will be towards creating a consistency of where new and experienced developers are able to come and get started or continue on past objectives through our program. This will enable a learning and growing environment that does not intimidate the new developers and or make the experienced developers not feel challenged enough.

Get a nice warm welcome to our hackathons by engaging with other developers & understanding our focus agenda for the day & up coming weeks.

(Recently held in Eldoret, Kenya) 


Individuals from the generals who are interested in further engagement will enter 4 weeks of collaborative learning & enriching experience in developing.

(Currently going on with the Eldortet Group)

After 4 weeks of growth, the developers will present and show off their new skills, both experienced and new developers! This will be a similar event like the generals.

(Coming Soon in Eldoret) 



Hyrac Tech held it's the first hackathon in Eldoret Kenya to connect with recent CCV competitors and also have our first general event to meet new developers that we will grow with.

Currently, our experienced developers are working on mentoring the newer developers with material and challenges, while also working with more experienced developers to further their development as well. The current focus for the group is working on website development and creating offline local servers for testing purposes. 

We plan to later host a show and tell hackathon in the near future so that the developers can showcase their new skills while also recruiting more developers interested to join the community.

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