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Guidelines and Recommendations of the Application

  • Sell yourself. Show enthusiasm. Tell us what your team brings to the table.

  • Sell your idea. Tell us why it is innovative, unique, or exactly what your intended audience needs.

  • Describe any research or work you may have already done.



  • If you are making an app for a specific audience, make sure you clearly communicate who that audience is and why they would use your app.

  • Browse existing mobile applications, both to understand what has already been done and to evaluate what makes successful apps special.

  • We don't give extra credit for early submission. Take your time and do it right!

  • Get feedback from friends or faculty members.

  • Proofread! There should be no sloppiness or typos in your submission. The easier it is for us to read, the better!

  • Don't be afraid to think outside the box, but make sure your idea is still doable within the context of the Competition. If your idea is ambitious, make sure you explain how your team will be able to develop the app within the timeframe of the competition.

  • Write only as much as you need to clearly communicate your idea, the audience for your app, and your team's strengths and interests.

  • Take advantage of the support from the College Coding vibe facilitators and the judges. You can always send any questions you have to ….the competition email account.



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