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Q: Can I enter more than one submission?

A: No, each team can only make one submission.

Q: What qualifies as a mobile app?

A: Your app must function on a mobile device. Providing an excellent user experience should be one of the key criteria for your mobile app. This can be delivered through a standalone mobile app or a mobile friendly website. In general, the more effort you put into your app, the better the user experience will be. The Resources to Help You Build Your App can be found in the Resources section of this Web page. They will provide a wealth of options for bringing your app idea to life.   

Q: How completely developed does the mobile app need to be? Does the submitted app need to connect to active data tables?

A: Students assume all risks associated with connections to data sources. The submission is a prototype, so such connections are not required. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that a more completely developed app may earn a better result than a less developed app.   

Q: Can I submit my own PowerPoint template instead of using the template provided?

A: You should use the PowerPoint template provided on this page for the background theme and organization of your content. You may add additional slides to the template as needed to explain how your app works. If you omit information requested in the template, it will likely impact the final score for your app.


Q: What is the judging criteria?

A: Winners will be determined by scores awarded by a panel of judges. Submissions may be judged against criteria such as originality, adherence to challenge theme, user experience, clarity of presentation, and appropriate use of technology.  

Q: How can I get my class, organization, or social group more involved with the College Coding Challenge?

A: Please send an email to or call 6123614793.

Q: I have a question about the College Coding Challenge that is not covered here. Where can I find the answer?

A: Please send an email to or call 6123614793.

College Coding Vibe - FAQ

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